Brew Tek Nordic AB, for convenience called BTN, was established in 2019 and became completely operational in 2020. All co-workers in the company have been active in the production of beer, cider, and distillate for a long time in another company.

The decision to create the new business was founded on our ambition to supply technical solutions to our customers both through products and technical knowhow in the different applications and phases of production. Leading suppliers within the industry find this capacity to be such an important added value that they have chosen to work with BTN. For the same reason, both larger and smaller companies have decided to choose the safe solution that they have had before.

In addition to historical and traditional solutions and products it is BTN’s ambition to be able to offer the market new quality solutions that are a result of focused research and development.  We look forward to working with you.

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A new company (BTN for short) with its residence in Göteborg has been established to offer beverage producers technical solutions linked to the application of different types of process aids and biotechnological products. All people engaged in BTN has been active in this business for a long time.
For 20 years, we have been able to provide an active technical support, information, quality products, timely deliveries and a stable pricing policy in time. As a new company the ambition is to continue these activities as well as expanding by investing in the technical support.

These investments aim at providing trials in pilot plants, extended analyses and access to technically qualified people in different sectors. Furthermore, we will conduct research in new products in collaboration with our suppliers and selected universities. For several reasons the company will be 100 % active starting from January 16th, 2020. In the meantime, the company is ready to provide you with valid offer for 2020 and of course even samples on request.

Today, the company is composed of:

Mia Dexhav

CEO & Chairman of the board – md.btn@telia.com
Accounting consultant and controller for several companies. She has been controller for other companies for 12 years.

Elisabeth Bergek

Chief accountant – eb.btn@telia.com
Bachelor of Science (Economy) from Handelshögskolan at Gothenburg University. She is responsible for the current economy, administration, order handling, logistics and customer support. She has worked for 17 years in the previous company.

John Cardelli

Technical support – jc.btn@telia.com
Previously manager for another company in the sector. For 24 years, he has worked with sales and technical support to the larger brewery groups and cider producers in the Nordic Countries and the UK.

He has developed, together with suppliers, new products mainly cider and beer yeast and silica-based clarifiers. In the beer sector, filtration, stabilisation and clarification are in his field of expertise. Within cider he has dealt with all from pressing, fermentation, clarification and filtration. He is also the owner of the company Drinktec AB that delivers different equipment to cider production and craft breweries.

Magnus Tedenmyr

Technical Support and Member of the Board – mt.btn@telia.com
Consultant and trained Head Brewer with vast experience of production in larger breweries as well as craft breweries for more than 30 years.

Company Information

Brew Tek Nordic AB
Phone +46-31-93 33 99

Facebook: Brew Tek Nordic
LinkedIn: Brew Tek Nordic
Adsress: Askims Verkstadsväg 1, 436 34 Askim, Sweden


Brew Tek Nordic AB’s suppliers


One of the leading producers of enzymes intended for juice, cider, beer, wine, and distillate. The production is located to the outskirts of Frankfurt (Germany). BTN has exclusivity for the Nordic Countries, the Baltic States as well as the United Kingdom.

OenoBioTech sas

OenoBioTech is a producer of different yeast strains for wine and cider and BTN’s own strains intended for beer and distillate. The company is located to outside Paris. BTN has exclusivity for the Nordic Countries, the Baltic States as well as the United Kingdom.

Italiana Biotecnologie

Italiana Biotecnologie is a research centre that specialises in different types of culture yeast. It isolates new yeast strains, secures the genetics, conducts the most advanced analyses. Furthermore, Italiana Biotecnologie has its own pilot production of yeast in dry substance to enable trials in various productions. It has a pilot plant for fermentation trials. It is located to Vicenza in the north of Italy.

PQ Corporation

PQ is the largest manufacturer of silica gel, hydro gel and xerogel in the world. The production takes place in the UK, the Netherlands and in the United States. BTN has exclusivity for the Nordic Countries and the Baltic States starting from January 2020.


Ashland is world’s largest producer of different derivatives from polymers such as PVPP intended for the stabilisation of beer and wine. The production takes place in the US. Its Europe office is located to the UK. BTN has exclusivity to the Nordic Countries and the Baltic States starting from January 2020.

Ever Srl

Ever is Italy’s leading player in the wine market. They produce different types of yeast nutrients, clarifiers, antioxidants, different refinement products such as tannins, oak chips, and Arabic gum. They are specialised in personal solutions and blended products. The company is located in Pramaggiore/Venice (Italy). BTN has exclusivity for the Nordic Countries, the Baltic States, and the UK.

Nouryon (Akzo Nobel)

The world’s largest producer of colloidal silica with production facilities in Sweden, Germany, the US, Brasilia, and Taiwan. BTN has exclusivity for specific products for specific applications.


Europe’s largest manufacturer of kieselgur and other products such as activated carbon. BTN has exclusivity for the Nordic Countries starting from January 2020. They have production facilities in France (two different locations).


Europe’s largest producer of perlite intended for the filtration of beverages, chemical products and so on.


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